The website of the Greek Justice Ministry was hacked by Anonymous. The reason is that Greece joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is basically sacrifices democracy for Greek people. The website was hacked by hacktivists from Greece and Cyprus that belong to Anonymous group. This was only the beginning and if Greece implement the ACTA anti-piracy treaty, hackers will attack again. ACTA is hurting the people and if your government agrees with that it makes people to react. Some people think that defacing a website doesn’t change anything but in my opinion they are mistaken. The attack is now known to most people in Greece and even the ones that didn’t know about IMF and ACTA, by learning about the attack they are informed. Also, defacing a website does hurt (even little) the owner of the website. It is not only about the defacement but the message that comes with it especially nowadays that internet is part of our lives.

Source: [AnonOps]

Greek Justice Ministry’s website was hacked by Anonymous