If you don’t know anything about Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) then you should watch at least this video. It doesn’t matter why you are using internet or you think that it doesn’t affect you, it does. It appears that SOPA and PIPA were just distractions to the real enemy of the internet, ACTA. They have created ACTA in the name of intellectual property rights and to create international standards to protect them. ACTA gives access to everything you do or say over the internet, everything. They will have access in everything that you send and receive over the internet even you emails and chats. And they do this to check if anything you send or receive has to do with intellectual property rights. But this gives them access to everything else that has nothing to do with intellectual property rights.

What they do in the name of security and intellectual property rights is unbelievable. They will monitor your communications and activities. People reacted on SOPA which could take a website down and at the same time ACTA which is far worse was signed by some countries and more will do in the near future. I don’t know about you but I like my privacy and I don’t like to be watched. You must get informed and react, it affects you, it affects all of us. Watch the video, read about ACTA, react if you don’t like it and make your opinion known to others. Governments must know that their citizens are against it.

Learn about ACTA