Website RedirectionGoDaddy, the largest domain registrar and web hosting company poisoned with a modified .htaccess, an Apache web server configuration file. A number of websites hosted on shared servers compromised and when someone was visiting those websites through a search engine, they were being redirected to┬á and then again to some other malware sites. GoDaddy informed users that they are looking to resolve this issue. Affected websites may have been blacklisted from search engines so if you are one of those affected check it out. If you don’t know about .htaccess you can go to Google and search for your website and then click to visit from the results. If you are not redirected to your website then it means your website is compromised. Be very careful, if you try this method be sure you have a good anti-spyware or else you will be infected.

Source: [TheHackerNews], Image: [TheSmartCodes]

Hackers poisoned GoDaddy