Every day I read news about technology, science, gadgets, trends and local news but the category with the most news is hacking. Every day hundreds of websites are hacked, including few companies, and tens of hacking tools are created or new versions are released. You will not see all this here, I try to filter those for you and give you only the most important ones. For example if several websites are hacked, I will post only the one(s) that affected the most Internet users like I did with uTorrent hack. If some companies are hacked, I will post the one(s) with the highest reputation or the one that is specialized in security which is ironic.

It is no surprise that security experts call 2011 “Year of the Hack”. Vulnerabilities and security holes are everywhere and they are waiting for someone to find them. It appears that almost nobody is willing to invest seriously in security even if their systems are invaluable. Also, more and more are learning to program and the number of exploits and hacking tools is increased significantly. So, you will not learn about any attack/hack but you will learn enough to realize that N.O.I.S. (No One Is Safe or No One Is Secure).

News feed for hacking is huge