Binary GlobeWe all surf the Internet to find what we want. We read the news, we see sport results, we download software, we learn new things, we watch funny videos, we are informed about new songs and movies and anything else we can think of. In order to do this we visit websites but how many are they? Are we talking about thousands, millions or more? Many people don’t think about it but some of us wonder. A friend of mine recently asked me about that, I didn’t know for sure and I guessed that they could be several millions. I am glad to say now that I was not wrong.

According to a survey on November 2011, there are 525.998.433 websites. From those 526 millions that exist only 172 millions are active. For those of you who were wondering, now you know the answer. I would like to mention that the number one web server is Apache. In my opinion Apache is the best choice for web server and it is the one this site is using and my local networks.

Source: [NetCraft]

How many websites exist