Babies cry, it is an annoying fact. A baby cries for any reason. This reason can be food, boredom, cold, anything. The trick is to find that reason and make it calm. Some babies calm when you give them a toy, some others when you take them to the park, some of them if you put them in front of the T.V. Did you try music? It works on many babies, the only tricky part is to find the genre that your baby likes. They might like different type of music in different situations, like we do. I didn’t believe it when I watched the following video but then I tried it on my nephew. I couldn’t believe how effective this was. Please don’t put death metal or anything that is barely a music. I recommend something light like classic music, Muse, Dream Theater, R.E.M. and Pink Floyd. Leave a comment if that worked for you.

How to calm your baby

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