IQ Challenge is another challenging app and here we will post the solutions. All games posted in the website, including IQ Challenge, are played on Android. If the game exists on other platforms like iOS it will have the same answers. Do not continue reading if you are not interested of knowing the solutions of each level. If you are stacked, this post will help you continue playing.

1 – Touch the cherries to continue

Tap cherries image

2 – Touch the orange to continue

Tap orange

3 – Touch the remaining fruits in any order

Tap bananas and apple

4 – Touch the numbers from the highest to the lowest according to value

Tap the numbers in this order: 82, 48, 35, 16, 14, 9

5 – Touch the numbers from the lowest to the highest according to size

Tap the numbers in this order: 114, 48, 62, 35, 9, 16

6 – Touch the tank that is not destroyed. All tanks shot simultaneously.

Tap the third tank, from left to right, in the top row

7 – Touch the heart after the club but not after the spade. The diamond is the third

The order is Club, Heart, Diamond, Spade. If you don’t know the images, the order in image position is: 3, 2, 4, 1

8 – All songs are composed with (music note symbol). How many (music note symbol) have you seen.

There was one in the first sentence, 6 below and one more in this question. So 8 in total, tap 8

9 – Touch two complementary colors

Tap the second from first row and third from second row (from left to right)

10 – What is the sum of the opposite sides of a dice cube?

The answer is 7

11 – Tommy just celebrated his birthday with six friends. How old is he?

The answer is the number of candles in the cake, 5

12 – Touch the left sign.

The warning said to not trust the Binker, tap right sign

13 – How many hearts are on-screen?

You can see 5 below the question plus the lives you have in the top left corner, I have 2 lives so for me answer is 7. This depends on your lives so it is not always 7

14 – It’s not as easy as you think. 1+1+3=

Tap the + and they will change. It changes to 1-1×3. In math x has priority to the equation is 1-3 = -2. Answer is -2

15. You have emergency. What phone do you use to call?

The first phone has full battery but it is switched off. The answer is the second phone, you have more battery than the third and it is switched of to use it immediately

16 – Touch the present that is different.

Every present has red ribbon except one with blue, tap that one

17 – Three colored lollipops

The warning was saying that if you have doubt to choose red so tap the red one

18 – Level 20 – How many white circles do you see? (Think outside of the box)

The answer is 17

19 – Level 21 – How many squares are in the figure below?

Count the small squares (10), the intermediate ones that are shaped with for small squares (4) and the big one which has 9 small squares (1). In total we have 15

20 – Level 22 – You need to enable sounds on your device. Press the megaphone.

Tap the megaphone, you hear the sound of the animal you need to tap. It is a horse so tap it

Those were the levels when I played it. Add a comment if they added new levels and you want the solutions.

IQ Challenge Solutions and Answers

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