This is similar to the previous games I posted the solutions. The post is for the first 50 stages and not for the PRO version. I play the games on my Android device so I don’t know if there is the same on iOS and if it has the same levels.

1. Unlock the screen. SLIDE LEFT TO UNLOCK

Forget how you unlock your device, it says slide LEFT to unlock so slide the button to the left

2. Which number is the biggest?

36, it is the biggest number in size

3. If 1=5, 2=15, 3=30, 4=50 then 5=?

The first equation says 1=5 so 5=1 and the answer is 1

4. Mary is the sister-in-law of my dad’s only brother. Who is Mary to me?


5. How many candles are there on the cake?

0, the candles are not on a cake

6. Type the biggest possible number.

Tap 9 three times to form 999

7. Which direction is the torchlight facing?

It is facing the button LEFT so tap that button

8. If there are 6 sisters in a family, each with 1 brother, how many children are there in the family altogether?

They can’t have different brother, they all have the same one so one more child. Answer is 7.

9. Tear the not into 2 pieces.

Use two fingers, one to slide left and the other right

10. Correct the arrows

Rotate 90 degrees to the right

11. Which number is the smallest?

The word number in the sentence has the smallest size (height)

12. Which direction is the torchlight shining again?

The torchlight is not shining so NONE is the answer

13. Tap the pail with water

Tap at the same time the word pail and word water

14. Clean up the car.

Rub the car until it is clean

15. Create an earthquake.

Shake your device to shake the earth and create an earthquake. If you have a device for that do not use it!

16. Correct the arrows again.

Since the arrow is correct, the only problem is the plural arrows in the sentence. Rub the s until the word arrow is left which is correct

17. Tap stop when the 6th bulb lights up.

Tap START, when on 5th bulb it will go very fast to 6th so be ready to tap STOP

18. Put all objects into the dotted lines.

Put star and bottle to their shapes and diamond to the dotted lines of the star where is fits

19. Tap all the even numbers.

Tap 22, 14 and the word even

20. Tap the pail with water again.

This time rotate your device 180 degrees to see which one has water (second from up and left) and tap it

21. What color is the opposite of blue?

Brown is opposite of blue

22. How many apples are there on the tree?

Shake your device, 3 apples will fall so along with the 3 you already see makes us 6 and then  tap 6

23. Which pail is different?

From question/stage 20, the different is the one that had water so tap that pail again (second from up and left)

24. Mary’s father has 5 daughters. First is Nana, second is Nene, third is Nini and fourth is Nuno. What is the name of his fifth daughter?

It says Mary’s father so the fifth daughter is Mary. There is not a choice as button but there is the name Mary in the sentence. Tap Mary

25. Pay for this bread.

There is no possible way to pay the $2.20 so use two fingers to cut it in half. Slide one to left and other to the right. Once it is half, the price is $1.10 and you can pay with $1 and $0.10 (and then OK)

26. Find x.

Tap on the X inside the triangle

27. Align the stars horizontally.

Move all the stars to the sentence and keep the word stars visible. All starts including the word will be aligned horizontally

28. Type the smallest possible number.

Move the first line to form the minus sign and then tap 9 twice for 99. -99 is the smallest number

29. Put some pepper on the soup.

Move pepper below the word soup and shake your device to put some pepper on the word soup

30. How many holes are there on this t-shirt?

The answer is 8. There are 4 holes on every t-shirt plus 2 for each hole you see, one in the front side and one in the back in order to see through the t-shirt.

31. Make Peter go home.

Move the first and third cloud to the second one. It will be dark and it will start raining. Once the way is free, slide Peter to his house

32. Create a no smoking sign.

Move no smoking, from the sentence, inside the red circle

33. Wear this cap.

Tilt the device facing down

34. Identify the grammar mistakes. If you likes this game, you will enjoy stupidness 2 & 3 too.

The mistakes are the word mistakes and the word likes. Since there is only one mistake in the given sentence it means that the instructions have mistake also

35.  Press ROLL to roll the dice.

Tap ROLL button

Guess how many points are there on the dice?

Answer is 21. A dice always has 21 points, 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 21

36. Which compass is pointing to north.

Move word north between 3rd and 4th compass and tap one of them

37. Burst the balloon from right to left

Rotate your device 180 degrees and then slide the dart until you burst all of the balloons

38. Take a photo of the star within the frame.

Move the frame in the middle/center and it will be easier to tap PHOTO once the star is within the frame

39. Which animal does not belong to the same group

Move the word CAT away from catfish and tap it

40 Tap on the biggest camp fire.

It is not there. Move the campfires to join them and then tap on that one

41. Help John! He forgotten to bring an umbrella.

Use two fingers to separate the clouds

42. Make up 25 kg

Tap 20 and 10 to put them on and then rotate your device few degrees to get 25

43. Which fish is different

Move the second fish, from top row and it will reveal the different fish, tap that one

44. Wake up your sleeping neighbor!

Tap the bell button few times fast

45. Tap the smallest cloud.

Again, it is not there. Use two fingers to separate the smallest one into two even smaller and tap on of them

46. Find the owl.

Owls are awake during night. Slide the sun to the left. It will be dark and owl will appear. Tap the owl

47. What is the largest living bird in the world? Spell it.

The largest living bird is ostrich but it is not the answer. It says spell it, IT, so tap i then t and then OK

48. Charge up the batteries.

Press charge and leave pressed and tilt your device

49. Open the safe box.

Playing cards are black and red, hearts and diamonds are red, clubs and spades are black. Tap the squares below heart, diamond and the opposite club (it looks like tree if you don’t play cards)

50. Complete the sequence?

Answer is 18. You will see the explanation after you press OK

Answers and solutions for game What’s my IQ?

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