If you want to check out the Google’s OS Android, without a device that supports it, you can do it. This one is different from the Bluestacks app player. You don’t play just the apps but you see the operating system as a whole. If you are not familiar with Live CDs (such as Ubuntu Live CD) then you should know that it is a bootable CD that runs an operating system from the CD without requiring any installation. This is how you can also try Android. LiveAndroid is a LiveCD for x86 platforms (normal PC) that runs Android. You can download the image of the CD from the LiveAndroid’s website and burn it to a CD. As we said, you don’t need to install anything, it will not affect your files and all you need to do is insert the CD and restart your computer.

You can do it without restarting your PC by using a virtualization application like VMWare or Microsoft Virtual PC. You use the image file with one of these applications and you don’t burn a CD nor restart your system. There is more information and instructions on the LiveAndroid’s homepage or on its wiki page. In addition you can find there a LiveUSD image to boot and use Android from your USB device.

Play with Android on your computer