We all know that Google’s employees enjoy Easter eggs and give us something funny occasionally. Since my posts about Google Gravity and do a barrel roll I received many emails asking for more funny Google stuff. This post is about all the funny things I found that has to do with Google. I will start with funny search terms and then continue with the google projects and end with some Google funny logos. I believe that you will enjoy this post. If you know something not in this post feel free to send me an email or post a comment.

Google Funny Search Terms

Tilt: Search for tilt and see what happens. Of course you will get the results for the term but this is not the only thing that happens. The same result can be produced if you search for askew.

Do a barrel roll: If you go to Google’s homepage and search for do a barrel roll Google will execute the command. The same happens if you search for z or r twice.

Let it snow: Go to Google, search for let it snow and see the show. If you leave it some time the screen will freeze but don’t worry you can defrost it by pressing a button that will appear and the process will start over.

Recursion: If you search for recursion Google will ask you if you mean recursion. This is funny only to programmers and geeks.

Anagram: Search for anagram and Google will ask you “Did you mean: nag a ram“.

Zerg Rush: Dare search for Zerg Rush and you will be attacked by little O’s that eat your search results. You can click on them to kill them but there are many of them. It is like zombie apocalypse but with little O’s.

Google Funny Calculator Responses

Number of horns on a unicorn: You don’t need Google to tell you that but the fact that the calculator is showing it in the results is funny.

Answer to life the universe and everything: Scientists are trying to find the answers and they are spending many hours to do that. The answer lies to one simple number, 42!

The loneliest number: Numbers can feel lonely too, especially if you are the number one.

Google Funny Projects

Google Sphere: See your results in a sphere with moving elements.

Google Gravity: Be aware of the gravity. Everything is falling apart.

Epic Google: Google is growing and growing and growing. It will continue growing and get epic size until you search for something.

Google Loco: It went crazy. Search bar shows images instead of letters but search is performed on the original text. This is not one of my favorites.

Google Rainbow: This will give you the Google results in rainbow colours.

Goth Google: View the results of your favorite search engine in black background and Gothic style.

Google Pig Latin: Google text in Pig Latin.

Google Hacker: Google text in Hacker style. Some words are difficult to read but it is funny.

Google Pirate: Remember pirate’s day? Google is speaking pirate.

Google Funny Logos

Google is putting a different logo if there is an important day or event. Some times the logo is not the only thing that is changed. Some other times logo is interactive. Due to many requests Google saved them for us to visit them again and again.

Google Pacman: You can search for something you want to find or just kill your time playing pacman.

Google Les Paul: You can play guitar on Google’s logo, you can record your song and send it to your friends to listen. That day YouTube was full of recorded songs on Google’s logo guitar.

Funny Google Stuff

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