Registry DecoderIf you use windows then you should know that almost everything you do is recorded. Most of the information can be found on windows registry. It has a list with last accessed files, a list with the last programs run, all installed programs, USB activity, user accounts, last visited URLs, a list of the programs that run when the operating system starts and more.  With Registry Decoder you can see all that information, it provides browsing, searching, analysis, and reporting of registry contents.

Registry Decoder is open source and it is hosted in Google code, here, where you can download the program, the source code and instructions on how to use it. You can also visit Registry Decoder’s home page. Currently, it supports two formats of reporting, HTML and PDF.

There are ways to make windows not to record some things such as recent files and recent programs run but it is not the subject of this post. I just mentioned it for those that will panic after reading the post.

Registry Decoder