Before cracking a password using brute force attack, that meas try every possible combination of characters, programs use a dictionary with common words. So, if the password, which in many cases do, is just a simple word it will be cracked in few seconds. Crackstation took this to another level, they created a wordlist with 1.5 billion of passwords (1,493,677,782). The file is 4.2 GiB compressed and 15 GiB uncompressed. That is a lot of words but it cracks about 30% of all the hashes given to the Crackstation hash cracker. The file contains every word in any language that Wikipedia database had in 2010, every leaked database, every dictionary and every wordlist on the internet the creators of this wordlist could find. The file is a text file that you can download from my favorite torrent site 1337X using the source link.

Source: [1337X]

The Biggest cracking dictionary

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