I was playing this Android game, it was funny until it started crashing. It was crashing after 50-80 levels and it was either resetting the score or starting over. I reported 2-3 crashes but after a while I just uninstalled it, enough is enough. This post contains all the solutions for the levels I was able to play. Excuse some mistakes if it is not 100% accurate. I hope you will find this post helpful and I wish it doesn’t crashes on your device.

Hello! Touch stupid professor to pass

Tap the picture of the professor

Turn on all the lights

Press all three buttons to light them all

Pop the bubbles from left to right

Pop the bubbles carefully since new will appear, specifically after 5th bubble a new one appears so you should tap that one since it is on the left

Which bolt needs the smallest key

The largest one in the middle

Follow the instructions

Shake your phone

Which number is bigger

27, it is bigger in size

Tap in this order 10, 20, 15, 4 ,14, 8

Remember the sequence since it will disappear, you can always write them down or read from here

Tap this circle

Tap the word circle in the sentence and not the circle image below

Tap play button 11 times

Follow the instructions and tap 11 times the button, ignore the counter, it is there to confuse you

What follows new year’s eve (I don’t remember exactly this one since I forgot to write it down)

Tap the word countdown at the end of the sentence, it is barely visible

How many answers have you answered so far?

The answer is 10

Press Green, Red, Yellow, Blue

Ignore the colors and tap the words Green, Red, Yellow, Blue

Wake up the bear

Shake your device until bare is awaken

This dog is hungry

Tap and drag the bone to the dog

How many worms do you see?

Move the worms to show the hidden ones (2), the answer is 7

Tap the numbers from lowest to highest

Tap the numbers from bottom to top and then the word number, order is 2012, 20, 32, number

Do not tap the cross to pass

Tap the check (V) image

Which ball is heavier

First is the 22Kg, then the (30-12)Kg and then both of them are equal so tap both at the same time

Press the yellow glove

Move the red glove to reveal the yellow one and then tap the yellow glove

Turn off the light

Flip your device face down to the table, the screen should be facing down

Press 4 times the blue square

Tap the blue square 3 times, then drag the screen (to any direction, for example to the right) to reveal the blue square and tap it one more time

Bring 3 balls above the net

Move the net to the bottom of the screen so that the balls will be above it

Tap stop when it shows up

Tap the word stop, it is already there in the sentence

Clean the board

Rub it with your finger and the content will fade until the board is clean

Don’t let TV touch the ground

Rotate 180 degrees for the TV to go up and not touch the ground

Are you hungry?

Tap the base bread (left image), then the burger (right image) and then the top bread (middle image) to create a burger to eat

This kitty is thirsty

Shake the device to drop the bottle and spoil its content

Help them take the buss

Rotate the device to the left for them to slide and reach the buss

Two ideas are better than one

Tap the base of both light bulbs at the same time

Make the cat jump

Bring the mouse on the right side, above the cat and it will jump to take the mouse

Pick up 5 apples

Tap the apple 5 times

Tap the numbers from highest to lowest

Tap the numbers in descending order based on their value, order is: 2010, 20, 12

Extinguish the candle

Put your thumb on the fire for a few seconds, you might need to try this more than once

What color is the t-shirt


Which one is the coldest?

Left image

This dog is still hungry

Rotate the device for the dog to slide and reach the food

Touch the computer mouse

Tap the computer mouse, the image on the right

Tap the different dog

Tap the top right dog

What is behind the wood?

Use two fingers to saw the wood and you will see the pen, if you are lazy just tap the pen

Remember this button, then click on it

Click on the word button, usually this means the next word

What was the number in the button?

The answer is 232

Hurry up! Press the blue triangle four times

Tap the blue triangle 3 times then wait until it turns blue again and tap it one more time

How hot are you?

Rub the thermometer up and down until it reaches the maximum level

How many pairs of eggs do you see?

The answer is 2

Press continue to loose

Do nothing, just wait

Tap the box on the left to continue

Drag the screen until you see then box and then tap it

Make the ball bounce

Shape your device until it bounces and wait to stop

Shut down the PC

Drag the PC to reveal the button and then tap the button to shut it down

Use the force to lift the stone

Use 2 fingers to lift it, it is heavy and can’t be lifted with one

Score the goal in FIFA World Cup

Rotate the device on the left, ball will slide until it reaches the net and score

Which penguin is different?

All the images are the same, the different is the word penguin in the sentence, tap the word penguin

Use your finger to make the ball bounce

Place your device to the table, drag the ball up and then let go, if you do it correctly it will bounce

Get the chick out of the egg

Shake your device until the chick is out of the egg

How many black dots do you see

This is an optical illusion, there is no black dot and the answer is 0

Where is the earth?

Rotate your device 90 degrees to the right

Touch the male

Tap the male icon (man), the other icon is mail

Touch the ducks, biggest to smallest, according to eye size

Touch the ducks in the order from left to right 4, 2, 1, 3

Touch pie to continue

Tap the pie (cake) image, don’t be confused with the P, Pi

How can you hatch the egg

Tap it few times until you see the chick, do not tap the chick

Don’t press the button

Do nothing, just wait

Touch the missing city

Drag the screen up until you reveal the city in the bottom and then tap the city

Touch the tallest building

Drag the screen up until you reveal the tallest building which is on bottom right

Touch the odd looking hen

Touch the pirate hen

Good, now press Tomato once, Mango Once and Tomato twice

Follow the instructions carefully, images will change

Do the opposite, tap the smallest circle

Tap the largest circle

Tap on the right side

Tap the left side of the screen and then tap the right side of the screen

Which monkey can see you?

The one on the top left, you can see the difference in its eyes

Put the key to the table

Place your device on the table, or just have the screen facing up

What is behind the mirror?

Tap the mirror few times to brake it and see what is behind. The answer is the ball

Which one is heavier?

Hypo of course

Tap the insect under the big one

Rotate the device 180 degrees (upside down), the big insect will move and you will see the small one, tap it

Tap the green once, red twice, then blue once

Follow the instructions, the buttons change positions so be careful

Tap on the right equation

Rotate the device 180 degrees (upside down) to correct the equation (it will turn green) and tap it

The kid is hot

Shake your device

Get the genius out of the bottle

Rub the bottle until you see the genius

Which one is the hottest?

Tap and hold the daemon for few seconds

Take out the trash

Rotate the device 180 degrees (upside down) and leave it until all trash is out

Help the rabbit cross the bridge

Rotate the device for the rabbit to slide and cross the bridge

Where is the invisible man?

Rotate the device 180 degrees (upside down) until you see the invisible man and tap him

Change the doctor into a monster

Shake the device until the doctor becomes monster

Break the mirror

Rotate the device for the dog to slide and hit the mirror

Tap on continue to pass to the next stage

Tap continue button 5 times, it gets smaller and smaller until you move to the next level

Erase the tiger

Rotate the device right and wait until the tiger is out of the screen

Tap the apple once, orange twice and strawberry twice

Tap apple once, the word orange twice and the word strawberry twice

Combine the two liquids in the bottle

Shake your device

Which giraffe is the tallest

The one in the right side

Help the penguin

Tap on it few times until the penguin is free

Tap the big ones to lose

Tap the smallest

Reduce the temperature

Shake your device

Can you capitalize the letter g?

Tap caps lock to turn it on and then tap the letter g in the sentence to capitalize it

Tap on the square to continue

The square is the frame with the butterfly, the second from the right

Hide the monkey

Put your thumb in front of the monkey to hide it and leave it there for few seconds

Take the mole out of the box

Rotate the device 180 degrees (upside down) and the mole will get out

Tap each bear from the smallest one to the biggest one

Follow the instructions, bears change, the move positions or disappear, some time there is a small one in front of a big one

Wake up the bat

Even though this is wrong because bats are awake during night the solution is to flip your device face down (screen looks down)

Touch the blue bear once, the pink candle twice and the black pencil once

Follow the instructions, if you don’t see an item then tap the words, the word pencil is black

Touch the back button if neccessary

Do nothing, just wait

The kind is cold

Rub the kid to warm him

Break the glass

Shake your device

Fix the word

Rub the last t in the Testt to remove it

Touch the monkey

Rotate the device 180 degrees (upside down) and tab the monkey as soon as you can see it

Which ones are equal

Tap both blue balls at the same time

Select the right skill

It is the skill closer to the right side of the screen, creative thinking

2 + 2 = 5? 5 x 2 = 101

Rub the last digit 1 to remove it and correct the equation to 5 x 2 = 10

Make the statue stand up

Rotate your device 90 degrees to the right

Where are you right now

The answer is earth in order to be correct for everyone

Where is the magic stick?

Flip your device face down, the magician will reveal the magic stick and you can tap it

Tap the hidden coins

Rotate the device 180 degrees (upside down) and tab the coins as soon as they are revealed

Touch the smallest nut

Tap the first nut, from left to right

Which shape has more sides?

The answer is the circle

Which one is closer to the moon

Tap both of them at the same time since they have the same distance from the moon

Tap the top hand and then bottom

Tap the top hand, rotate the device 180 degrees (upside down) and tap that again which is now in the bottom

Free willy

Rub the chain to brake it and free it

Screw the nut

Place the device on the table, face up, and rotate it 180 degrees right

Spin the wheel

Place the device on the table, face up, and rotate it 180 degrees right

Wake up dracula!

Flip your device face down to the table

Get the bats out

Rotate device to the left and bats will get out of the cave

Light up the pumpkin

Move the pumpkin in front of the flame to cover it and pumpkin will light up

Free the pharaoh

Shake your device

Hide the zombie

Move the circle in front of the zombie

How many spiders do you see

Move some of the spiders since they hide others, the answer is 6

Touch the correct answer

Move away the red witch to reveal the correct answer and then tap the correct answer

Get the people into the castle’s party!

Drag the gates up to open them and people will run into the castle for the party

Which hulk has the biggest arms?

The 3rd one from left to right

The witch wants to fly

Rotate device to the left until witch reaches the broom and then shake your device until she fly away

Disappear potter

Rub him until he disappears

Those are all the questions I was able to see, after many crashes and after I reached this last one, it was looping the last checkpoint over and over until I uninstalled it. Very buggy game which I will not install again.

The Stupid Test Solutions

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