If you have a blog or website then you are probably familiar with the term PageRank (PR). PageRank is an algorithm that analyzes the links of each website and generates a number which shows the importance of that website. It got its name from Google’s Larry Page who developed the algorithm (with Sergey Brin) when he was still at Stanford University. PageRank shows the website’s link popularity and its range is from 0 to 10. When you create a new website, it is a PR0 website because there are no links pointing to that website. If the number of the links that point to the website (also known as backlinks) grow, then the PR of the website will grow too.

Google is updating websites’ PageRank every three months and the last update happened this November. Our website had 0 as PageRank in the previous update but now it jumped to 3. The algorithm does not only see the number of backlinks but also the PageRank of the websites that are pointing to yours. For example if a PR8 website has a link to your website is more important than 3 links from PR1 websites.

We are a PR3 website now