I read about exploits for all operating systems but this one really scared me. Security researchers found a zero day vulnerability in the Windows core that when exploited gives SYSTEM access to all supported versions of Windows so far. This includes Windows 7 with latest updates and Windows 8. Microsoft confirmed the vulnerability and I hope that they are working on a fix. A vulnerability that is more than 20 years old, in my Country it can legally drink alcohol, drive a car and vote! It sounds like a hackers holy grail and in wrong hands it can make a lot of harm.

Google security engineer, Tavis Ormandy, who found the vulnerability claims that he also has an exploit created with help of others. He is also providing the code to students from reputable schools if they request it. This doesn’t make me feel comfortable at all. On a mass scale it can crash most PCs connected to internet or generate a DDoS of gigantic proportions and hit any server on the internet.

Windows zero day vulnerability allows SYSTEM access to all Windows versions