How to remove WordPress version

Wordpress Version

Hackers plan their attack based on the information they have. A large portion of attacks is based on outdated versions of web server, Wordpress, themes, plugins and anything else they can exploit vulnerabilities found on old versions. Wordpress version is visible in any page and post. It is included in the header and anyone who visits your site/blog can see this information. It is wise to remove this information so hackers can’t find the version and plan their attack based on the vulnerabilities found on that version, especially if you don’t update Wordpress because you have made many changes to the code. There are many ways to remove Wordpress version if you search but not all of them remove the version successfully…

How to refresh the favicon manually

I have found that browsers refuse to refresh the favicon. With simple refresh (F5) I could understand the unwillingness because browsers tend to use cache for faster page loading. After forcing cache refresh (Ctrl+F5), I had the new content but not the favicon, that “very large” file. I didn’t want to clear my browser’s cache since I had “stuff” that I wanted. In order to change it manually, you have to refresh the file yourself. Insert the url address of the favicon you want to refresh into your browser, in most cases is http://domain/favicon and it will show you the icon, most probably the old one. Here we are, now…

Send huge files over the internet


We all have the need, from time to time, to send files over the Internet. Most of the times those files are small and we can send them as email attachments. However, some times we have the need to send something bigger, something huge and email is just not enough. There is the option to split the file to smaller ones, send the small ones and then the recipient join them and recreate the large one. As you can see this method is very painful and time-consuming, especially if there are easier ways out there. If you check you can find hundreds solutions with their pros and cons

Wi-Fi Security

Binary Key

Most of us have a network with the Wi-Fi enabled and this is happening for several reasons. Most of us hate the wires, we have too many and we don’t want more. Some others have a device, such as smart phone, where we can’t put an ethernet cable in it so there is no choice there. Having a Wi-Fi enabled network is very convenient but is it safe?

Digital Rights

All the electronic devices we own, especially our mobile phones and computers, have a huge amount of personal information about us and our family. Such data could be contact details, phone numbers and email accounts of friends and family, emails from the doctor, family photographs, Internet browsing history, employment agreement and many many more. We should protect that sensitive data from prying eyes. In those prying eyes we include the governments and we should protect ourselves from illegal police searches. We will analyze what is legal and what is not and what we should do if police wants to search our digital devices