Solve Puzzles in the Name of Science


Scientists were trying to solve the mystery behind a protein which is the key for the development of AIDS. They were trying for a decade without any results and then a company decided (2008) to create a game named “Foldit”. Foldit is an online game where users fold proteins and create different shapes according to some basic rules. Gamers managed to decipher the structure of that key protein in three weeks and now the research for AIDS and HIV has a bright future

Anonymous developed U.R.G.E.


Anonymous released a new tool to hijack trending topics on twitter. It is called Universal Rapid Gamma Emitter or simply U.R.G.E. It helps the user to post tweets on a trend without having to copy paste trending topic manually. Don’t be afraid to download it, it does not contain any malicious code and it is not an exploit. You can see download information and instructions in source

Registry Decoder

Registry Decoder

If you use windows then you should know that almost everything you do is recorded. Most of the information can be found on windows registry. It has a list with last accessed files, a list with the last programs run, all installed programs, USB activity, user accounts, last visited URLs, a list of the programs that run when the operating system starts and more. With Registry Decoder you can see all that information, it provides acquisition, analysis, and reporting of registry contents